1. something having a large head in comparison to its body

2. to propel oneself using gravitational pull and momentum caused by tilting one's head in certain direction

3. related word: keiserism - noun- a trite phrase expressed in a nasally manner with much undeserved enthusiam
1. After his accident involving large-scale machinery, the construction worker's head swelled to the size of a keiser

2. That small child with an elephant-sized head is keisering in order to win the race.

3. Examples of keiserisms: "HOLY SMOKES!" "STOP IT OFF!" "JUST KIDDING...BUT SERIOUSLY!" "AAANGH!"
by PustulePaul January 23, 2009
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My grandma told me to find a skirt that covered my keiser.
by garin7878778 January 14, 2011
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When playing any Call of Duty game you throw a grenade randomly and kill someone.
Yo man, i just keiserd that guy playin COD 6!
by Qaurter licker March 15, 2010
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to spear someone through the head with a very blunt object.
"How did the victim die?"
"well, he seemed to have been keisered with a broom"
by Zyte January 15, 2009
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Adj. or verb. can mean anything sexual or illegal that you do or do to someone else.
"Dude I totally Keisered that chick last night and gave her the Kyle driver."
by Wasteurshot January 15, 2009
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1) the boogie man for criminals that will mutilate the ones that fuck with him or dont do as he says, then he will devestate the lives of all that persons family, friends, and anybody that knew that person that are still alive, if anybody tries to stop him he will kill them too, living legend (from the movie Usual Suspects)

2) one of the nicknames that lord infamous (the well-known memphis rapper) uses in his music
for both; listen to "I'm Losing It" by Lord Infamous off the Tear Da Club Up Thug's album CrazyNDaLazDayz (intro is a clip from the movie)- "you think you can catch keiser soze? you think a guy like that comes this close to getting caught and sticks his head out? if he comes up for anything it'll be to get rid of me, after that my guess is you'll never hear from me again"
by ATS October 23, 2007
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Formerly Keiser College, Keiser University is a popular career-focused college offering many associate and a few bachelor degrees in the most sought after fields of the moment. Keiser has many campuses all over the state of Florida. Their most poular programs are the associate degrees in the medical fields such as Radiologic Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Nursing. Business and Criminal Justice are popular programs as well. Their majors (this school reffers to them as "programs") change as the economy and workforce change, so that they're always offering the degrees that are most in demand. The vast majority of their students don't want a traditional four year college degree and many are parents that are seeking a higher income to better support their families. Because this school is expensive, it's recommended you only attend this school if you're getting an Associate's degree in one of their medical programs which are not readily offered at most other colleges. However, if you're getting a degree that you can find almost anywhere else such as Business, this school is not worth the cost.
What college are you going to?

I don't want to be in school forever, so I'm getting my Associate's degree in Nuclear Medicine at Keiser University.
by MiamiJenn March 9, 2008
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