an amazing guy with a huge penis. He is really funny and sweet
i want a keeling.
by gynocologist January 12, 2010
A person with an egg head or bald
Look at that Keel over there
Check that proper Keel
He's got a proper Keel head
Keel! Keel! Egg Head! (Chant)
by Keel egg head Parker March 14, 2013
A feeling of being trapped inside the bubble-like world of a campus university.
After five months in Hawthorns Hall of residence Becky began to suffer from a profound keele.
by Buddhabing April 23, 2004
How Ren pronounces 'Kill'
Steempy I weel keel you!
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 20, 2003
1. One who could be concidered god's gift to women
2. One has an uncanny charm with the ladeez
3. One who has the strength of ten men
1 Girl: He's no Keeling, but he's a nice guy
Girl: Yeah look on the bright side he could be an Aune

2. Guy: If only I had the Keeling charm, then I would have all the ladeez

3. Guy1: How the fuck are we going to lift the truck out of the ditch
Guy2: Where's Keeling when you need him?
by Mike March 13, 2003
i dont know she tryna sleep sittin up she bout ta keel ova out that chair
by slim lil sexi one April 1, 2004
one of the gentlemen. usually the life of the schlan party. the one not outside rolling around in the mud. usually the one getting the most schwasted.
Dude! How are we supposed to have a successful Schlan Party with no Keels?

Keels is to the gentlemen, as rope is to jump rope.
by Mr. Keels February 17, 2007