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Some good songs but paved the way for safe commercial pseudo-punk bands like Blink182
by Buddhabing April 23, 2004
A collection of stray socks bundled together in the hope that their partners will one day spontaneously rematerialise. The name derives from the fact that the loose end of each sock emerges like a tentacle from the body of a cephalopod.

The preponderance of unattached socklings is now known to be an effect of quantum physics. The uncertainty about the fate of the other socks is known as the Uncertainty Principle.

See also quantum entanglement.
My top drawer is the nest of a mighty socktopus.
by Buddhabing June 4, 2004
Urbandictionary was surprisingly lacking a definition for badabing badaboom, then badabing badaboom! here it is!
by Buddhabing April 22, 2004
'A special transmission outside the teachings; not depending on words or letters; directly pointing to Mind; realizing one's True Nature and becoming Buddha.' (Bodhidharma)
A monk asked Baso, "What is the Buddha?" Baso replied, "Not mind, not Buddha."
by Buddhabing November 2, 2004
Form is emptiness, emptiness is form
Q: Does a cow have Buddha Nature?
A: Moo
by Buddhabing February 15, 2004
A Jew by birth who practices Buddhism as an adult.
'Study the Dharma'?! only a Jubu would use a phrase like that!
by Buddhabing March 2, 2004