had fun with my 725 today.
by 725 girly October 11, 2010
Thee most overpowered piece of shit gun within COD history. How they nerfed the shit and it’s still op asf
Im Running through docks and a bot was Camping with a 725 and simply clapped me
by Young Drako November 29, 2019
The most overpowered shotgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019.
The reason why is because unlike other shotguns, the 725 has a LOT of range. The range is almost unnatural; add that along with the one shot kill, and you have the most OP weapon ever.
It likes to be paired up with noobs that use the M4a1, so if you are in a lobby with "high skill"; prepare to find tons of users like that.
My goodness, I got killed by the 725 again? What a noob...

Modern Warfare is a good game, but it's weapons like the 725 (that and Skill Based Matchmaking) that ruin it for a few people.
by Some weirdo who is here. November 29, 2019
A gun which is used by people who abuse COD MW ‘s shit nerfing and camp with a riot shield in a corner every game and get a ton of kills because they think they’re amazing at the game.
OMG! ‘That dudes using a 725, haha,Camping Twat’
Quoted by ExoGhost 2020
by ExoGhosts lil twat October 6, 2020
A shotgun in the game call of duty modern warfare (2019) that morons feel the need to use when they’re getting there shit handed to them.
XxjosethebeastXx: easy round, y’all are dogshit
Normapowell777: Your probably hacking im pulling out my 725
XxjosethebeastXx: ok retard I hope your future child is born with a cleft lip and a hole in his heart
by XxvbuckmethodsXx January 1, 2021
The type of shotgun that virgins use to camp and on Shipment
Boy: Ur a virgin
Bro how do u know I was a virgin
Also Him: Uses 725 in Shipment
by ClassifiedUser October 13, 2020
The worst fucking shotgun ever created. Infinity ward buffs the shotgun every time they “nerf” it.
I just died to a fucking .725!” “Damn, let’s use it next round; teach em a lesson”.
by BoxOfShame March 9, 2020