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a whole piece of shit,crap,poo and many swear words together
which will give u many virus and trojan almost 87% of downloads in kazaa are either virus or are illegal and b0rken
l33th4x0rn00b123:omg dude i found so many games like mtw 2 on kazaa!
l33th4x0rn00b123:its rare it only has 10 kb :S
proplayer:omg man u didnt knew the truth right?
l33th4x0rn00b123:what truth?
proplayer:almost 87% of kazaa downloads are either illegal or have virus
proplayer:uninstall kazaa and install an antivirus now roar
l33th4x0rn00b123 left the game
by Eagle_FTW March 30, 2008
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h4x0r calling for the word: broken
l33th4x0rn00b:omg dude my halo 2 vista got b0rk3n
proplayer:LMAO! U N00BASAURUS!
l33th4x0rn00b:ya i kno i kno
by Eagle_FTW March 30, 2008
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any software that is rlly lame and annoying bcoz of its common bundled programs that after a while fuk ur compt0rz
some examples of lameware
Megaupload toolbar
zango toolbar
messenger plus!
l33th4x0rn00b123:omg dude i downloaded ares,zango and its toolbar and megaupload those shiptorz are prtty co0li0!
proplayer:seems u didnt learned about kazaa huh?
l33th4x0rn00b123: ??? wha wha???
proplayer:all that "shiptorz" u say are lameware
l33th4x0rn00b123: wtf is t4th?
proplayer:nvm it just gives u virus
l33th4x0rn00b123:omg uninstalling
by Eagle_FTW March 30, 2008
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a guy that usually throws nades at the players on a videogames
l33tn00bzor123:u l1k3 n4d35 b17ch3s!!!!
proplayer:omg u are a n00b nade-lover!
l33tn00bzor123:n0 4ssh0l3 1m 4 pr0 l00k my 5t4t5 47 k1ll5 1n 4
proplayer:STFU NADE-LOVER!
l33tn00bzor123 was killed by proplayer
l33tn00bzor123 has left the game
by Eagle_FTW March 29, 2008
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h4x0r calling for a computer also referred as comptors in normal human language
l33th4x0rn00b123:damns my compt0rz got b0rk3n
proplayer:that thing you said is just stupid
l33th4x0rn00b123: why!
proplayer:if ur comp is borken...why ur typing prick!
proplayer:ur lame
l33th4x0rn00b123 has left the game
by Eagle_FTW March 30, 2008
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acronym of a very cool game called medieval total war which have a sequel medieval total war 2
l33th4x0rn00b123:i finally gotz my mtw 2 copy!
proplayer:bich ur luky
l33th4x0rn00b123:l0lz0r i know its great!
proplayer:anyways u'll find out that the ai of mtw 2 is shitt0 compared to mtw 1 ai lololol
l33th4x0rn00b123:STFU BICH
l33th4x0rn00b123 left the game
by Eagle_FTW March 31, 2008
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one of the most stable OS of windows family (win98 was more stable of course)it was done to redeem the shit they did with win me aka win 2000 b.c *coughs* i mean win 2000 :)
l33th4x0rn00b123:i replaced my shit0rz win 2000 b.c with windows xp
proplayer:finally u do a good choice ;)
l33th4x0rn00b123:but im going to get my win vista copy
proplayer:ok your idea has just died ASSHOLE
by Eagle_FTW March 31, 2008
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