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One of the great rock n' Roll band from the late 60's to early 70's. Most noted for born to be wild, though they put out a good ten studio albums
(music): You don't know what we can find! Why doon't you come with me.little girl, on a magic carpet ride! Musicly Inept Ignroramus: Dude! Why are you litleing to the hippie crap?!
by Kaji March 1, 2004
his job? to give people bj's!
by Kaji March 25, 2003
(Waita Uziga) An artist of what can be classified only as slaughter hentai, quite possibly the sickest mind to grace existance since H.R. Gieger (head artist for the Aliens and Species movie series).
For the wellbeing of society, all matters concerning Uziga's work should be burned, and the ashes passed through an atom smasher.
by Kaji March 15, 2004
One of the few noteworthy bands in 20 years. characterized by an angry yet inetilligent sound.
The Hives are Law, You are Crime
by Kaji March 1, 2004
A highly over-rated p2p system with tons of spywear and is an easy target for the RIAA. Also a great source for virus' and very poor quality media with even worse tagging.
dood! i _|u5t KazaA! im gonna DL me sone sw33t @s5 pr0n 2nite! lolololololz rofl lmao!
by Kaji February 29, 2004
A phrase that makes fun of the so-called gangstaphrases "fo` sho`" or "fo` reals."
semi-knowlageble non-rapper: Dude, are you for serious?
by Kaji February 28, 2004