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a stupid piece of shit who has iron deficiency and hair loss. Probably gonna die soon
Damn, sucks to be a kaylynne. have cancer.
by WhiteHawk11 December 20, 2016
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That weird girl in class that always reads books, but fails all her classes. She brags to random strangers about how to murder people without leaving evidence, but when she is alone with friends she constantly talks about sex. Whenever she's alone she listens to music about hard core banging in Spanish and sends nudes to all her guy friends, but if she's really close friends with a guy she'll let him watch her masterbate.

On Sundays you'll find her dressed extremly modestly in an extremely strict fundamental southern Baptist church.
Julie: "Why do you still hang out with that Kay-Lynne girl?"
Will: "She's a total thot and let's me try freaky stuff out on her; what else could I ask for?"
Ricco: "Yeah, she's awesome! I helped her with her Spanish and she thanked me by giving me a blow job."
Sam: "You guys are so lucky . . . All I got was a couple titty pics"
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by Nikki DD May 23, 2018
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