Slang term for toilet. Believed to have entered the English language via the British Army during its sojourn in British India.

See also dunny, bog,outhouse,loo, john
Where's the Karzi? My back teeth are floating and I'm about to burst.
by The Sidhe April 16, 2006
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It's a toilet, or rather the room containing the toilet. It's from a 19th Century Cockney word 'carsey' meaning a privy, and is itself probably derived from the Italian 'casa' meaning house. Interestingly, the original word 'carsey' could also mean a den or brothel! It does make you wonder what the old Cockneys got up to when they went to the toilet.
Malcolm's been in the karzy for an hour!
Crappin' or five finger shufflin'?
With Malcolm you really don't want to know.
by Croatalin February 15, 2014
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It means a toilet; or rather it’s the room containing the toilet. Like so many other words this owes its origins to the London Cockneys who used the word ‘Carsey’ to mean a privy which makes you feel a bit sorry for anyone who is named Carsey. It is possible that the word comes from the Italian ‘casa’ meaning ‘house’ and can refer to the modern indoor facility with associated bath, shower and washing facilities. Originally, however, it meant a basic outdoor crapper, often shared by several large families which would make it interesting if several people had the squitters.

Incidentally, the Cockneys also used the word carsey to mean a den or brothel, so maybe it’s not that unusual to have it off in the bog.
Malcolm has just come out of the karzy after a ten minute residence.
Shit that means respirators on or an hour’s wait before it’s fit for humans.
by AKACroatalin February 20, 2019
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British slang term for toilet
Originates from the Italian word "casa" meaning house.
Jimmy is in the karzy
by Arjun Shah December 02, 2003
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where you put poos when you're finished with them.
hey EGC, I need to take a crap, where is karzie at?
by baskaleedo September 09, 2010
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