What makes you regret doing bad things. a real pain in the ass.
I shattered this guy's windows and my house burned to the ground the very next day. The guy showed up to me and said it was karma before spitting in my face and kicking me in the nuts.
by JesusC. May 12, 2010
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Guy 1: I stole money from a homeless guy 2 days ago.
Guy 2: That is pretty sick dude.
Guy 1: I was jumped the next day.
Guy 2: Karma is a bitch.
by Vilz132 June 03, 2012
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A female that comes around and attacks an individual from behind when they're not paying attention in order to accomplish payback.
I've come to a conclusion that Karma must be a female because she sure acts like a bitch that bites hard in the ass!
by njean24 January 17, 2011
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the score on gamefaqs.com your username gets. you earn 1 karma for each day your account is active. higher karma amounts allow you to post more messages per day, have access to more social boards, bragging rights, etc... You lose karma when one of your messages gets moderated, the amount lost per message depends on the severity of the violation and how much of an d-bag the moderator is.
that asshole mod gave me a 3 karma loss for my topic!!!
by MI6007 April 21, 2007
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A game of frisbee with your actions.
Everything that you do has repercussions. It comes back to you one way or another.
by some punk kid May 01, 2005
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George Bush is our Karma for NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!
"Hey, Archie---did you vote for George Bush in the last election?"

"Who, ME?!?!? Naw...I NEVER vote...I'm too busy watching 'Real World', downloading porn, wasting my trust-fund and whining about nothing to vote."

"Well, I guess the fact that George Bush has had TWO TERMS in office is your KARMA for being an apathetic little ass-monkey! And by the way: fuck you very much, Archie!"
by poppysister August 23, 2006
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When someone decides to do something extremely stupid and pays dearly for it.
Girl: I decided to be lame and skip out on Thirsty Thursdays because I'm lame and ended up sleeping through my 8 AM anyway...
by ChrisBroChill91 September 26, 2010
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