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Did you see Steve last night? He was so Karled he passed out in his bowl of chicken noodle soup.
by Karl Olson September 09, 2006
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The action of prematuraly ejaculating before any clothes are taken off, or ejaculating in your trousers.
Dude #1: dude check that lasses rack man
Dude #2: dude i think i just karled
Dude #1: dude thats sick
by Piezo August 11, 2006
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Being fired without warning because your boss does not like you.
No dude... I don't want to ger karled!
by Wowdudes1001 June 17, 2016
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when you tell a dude. "dude, i just want to bang and have fun n stuff" but he tries to invite himself to meet your parents and tour all like " what the fuck are you doing karl, get off my shit bitch"
i just wanted to go camping and get away for the weekend but i got karled.

i karled a girl and i liked it!

stop it karl nobody like a karler.
by 22422 June 07, 2018
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