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A chronic condition of extreme self-indulgence, characterized by self-involvement, absence of moral character, histrionic attention-seeking, inappropriate sexual activity, and overly large buttocks.
After you bought your Bentley, I was convinced you suffered from Kardashianism.
by Stewardess14 March 28, 2014
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The religion of worshiping the kardashians and there descendants, seeing their blood line to be far superior and godly to the rest of humans. Most followers are teenage girls and single moms who want an escape from there children. Praying to the family and wondering “What would a kardashian do” are common religious practices. Each Kardashianist picks a patron Kardashian that shares there personality the most.
I am a Kardashianist, I worship the Kardashians.
Kardashianism is the only true religion.
by Somarity February 06, 2019
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