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"who would you kanoodle with first?"
"i would kanoodle with kale and then taco because kale is hot."
by deathfish October 4, 2020
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they were upstairs kanoodling, now my sheets stink.
by mike February 28, 2003
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Close head to head chat with the opposite sex; often at the local bar. No hitting implied!
I kanoodled at the pub with a couple of nice ladies and the regulars were jealous
by W. R. Johnson October 26, 2003
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My friend jumped into my bed and began to kanoodle me.
by Fabio Fobbs January 18, 2012
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kanoodle. Pacific Northwest slang.
Tobacco, smoking, idle conversation, generally while relaxing and smoking.
From Chinook Jargon "kinootl."
Come on in. We were just kanoodling.
by Nadja Adolf August 28, 2003
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From Chinook Jargon. To smoke tobacco, hangout, talk.
Come on and join us, we were just kinoodling.
by Nadja Adolf August 28, 2003
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Any type of sexual activity between lesbians. Can include but is not limited to: scissoring, cunnilingus play, nipple/breast teasing/tickling/motor-boating action.
You know what would be funny, if you two would just kanoodle the shit out of each other right now.
by bacitracinpolymyxin January 19, 2010
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