when the calf has so much fat on it that it blends with the ankle forming a kankle
woah did you see sam khazels kankles, there huge. im surprised he dosn't trip over them.
by Boris October 12, 2003
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When the calves and feet are connecting showing no ankle. Its extremely NASTY.
Katie Kurbis has the worst kankles, worse than Aaron Ganz!
by Katie Hater November 7, 2004
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A term refering to the body part where the ankle is located, but is not visible due to swelling or a condition preventing the ankle bones from being visible. Kankles are a humorous term referring to the absence of an ankle where it appears the lower leg grows straight into the foot.
Kankles form when an ankle is sprained and swelling, a medical condition causes swelling or swollenness or an excess of body fat gathers at the ankle site.
by Cristin Leeming May 26, 2006
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It is someone who's ankles and calfs are the same width, they look like kankles because they are now as one.
"Wow Michael look at her ankles.."
"Mate there not ankles they're kankles, the calf n ankle are the same width"
"Aw so there is a name for that deformity(I)"
by amawanker May 10, 2009
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When someones leg has no ankle,
when someone has tree trunk legs

so their leg goes straight down without turning it at the ankle.
someone has kankles when their leg looks like they dont even have an ankle as it goes from leg to foot
by limabean256 June 29, 2009
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a fat ankle that blends straight to the calf
-also see cankle
That fat person has a good set of kankles
by slopass December 20, 2002
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Something to call a girl that is super annoying and just obnoxious. This mainly be used against horse girls or emos.
That girl just lectured me for an hour about how cute her horse is... she is such a kankle, I can't wait to never see her again.
by kikiandyolanda August 18, 2019
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