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To Hop up on the toilet seat and squat like a Kangaroo when taking a dump. Often done out of fear of catching a VD of the toilet seat. Please note the two definitions provided by James Brick and PaddyM are actually incorrect and are discribing a Reverse Kanga, a witty practical joke that will keep your friends amused for hours)
Shit this crapper looks dirty, i better go the kanga.
by Danpat December 31, 2005
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money, moola, cash, currency. Used amongst tradespeople in Melbourne, Oz.
"hey benny, you got my kanga?"
by Will3265 September 06, 2007
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When someone (usually of chinese extraction) stands / squats on the toilet seat itself when they are taking a shit.
"Someone broke the toilet seat, they must have been doing a kanga"
by Fishman October 26, 2004
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Term used when deficating outdoors in a squatted position into a hole dug for the purpose of burying the evidence.
Where's the shovel and the poo paper? I gottag kanga so bad I'm tortoise-heading after eating those muffins.
by Miejo January 19, 2010
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Similar to a "fupa", but much larger. It orginates from "kangaroo." A kangaroo has that pouch in front to carry the joey.
That girl/guy has a huge kanga!
by franzkaf July 30, 2003
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To sit facing the rear of the toilet and defaecate onto the front side of the bowel. This act is specifically designed to leave a trail, or skidmark down said bowel. It is usually carried out as an offensive gesture towards the next occupant, or the owner of the crapper. Popularised in Australia after reference on Big Brother 5.
Hey boys, check out the Kanga I left behind.
by PaddyM July 04, 2005
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1. to do a reversie
2. 'bad' distribution in 500
1. "Fuck Robbielard, that kanga is damned nasty. Brat's gone in there and eaten it, the turd burglar he is," Wobs exclaimed.
2. "FFS, i've got a fucken kanga," muttered Von as his assbled from a metaphorical anal raping.
by t0bee April 20, 2009
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