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a small city of about 3000-4000 people, in Wisconsin. They have a beautiful School and are in Calumet county.

There is also a town in Texas called chilton.
My Boyfriend just moved from Milwaukee to Chilton.
by Emo Cat August 01, 2011
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A place near to Newton Aycliffe which is the breeding ground of chavs, gypsies and hippies A.K.A "CHAV - CENTRAL". If you had a £1 for every brain cell in Chilton, you'd have 50p as Chilton is nothing more than a no man's land with the best thing in Chilton been a local takeaway or a co - operative, you would get more thrill from taking a shit than visiting Chilton as you fear for your life at the thought of been stabbed to death by raging 12 year old kids who hang round the shops threatening to steal your shoe laces or afterwards go raiding the bins. Chilton is a place you'd best avoid with the closest thing to bath been puddles left on the streets with the drunks laid about the streets. My advice would be to avoid this place as it's the Nickleback of towns in Durham but on the flip said atleast its not a worse as Darlo.
Non - Chilton lad: What's worse Chilton or Sunderland?
Chilton lad: I dunno?
Non - Chilton lad: Chilton as Sunderland actually know where they live is shite!
Chilton: Could be worse, could be Southmoor!
by Belmont - Big - Dick August 10, 2016
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An insulting name one would often call another, especially if they have a weird middle name that means anal leakage and try to make an alternate definition of it on Urban Dictionary to mask his embarrassment.

See also:

Douche Nozzle
Twat Waffle
Bandless Noobcracker
by TehJudas November 03, 2009
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A real butt hole, I hate his cringy jokes and he is ugly as a blob fish. A person when you are around you feel uncomfortable. He thinks he is such a ladies man but I can't stand his ugly self. He is so thin he has no butt and has the worst tiny dick
ugh chilton is here
by Shaquifa king December 07, 2018
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