6 definitions by mrmag7

Any person who has a lack of a chin. One whose chin recedes.
Damn that chick had the worst chell chell chin I have ever seen! absolutely no chin at all. Looked like her lips were about to slide off her face.
by mrmag7 December 15, 2010
A very sexually promiscuous woman who does not even bother to clean her private parts between partners. As opposed to a regular slut who will at least wash her vagina off between lays.
Damn that slicketty sluts pussy was so messy I could hardly even feel the sex.
by mrmag7 December 2, 2010
A very sexually promiscuos woman whose ass is very flat.
Damn that slab sided sluts ass was so flat I had nothing to hang onto while fucking her.
by mrmag7 December 15, 2010
A phrase used after a serious comment makes an individual angry. The phrase is to make light of the serious comment, such as to convince the person spoken to that the aforementioned comment was just a joke.....even though actually it was not a joke.
Come on lighten up.....when I told you that you are ugly I didn't mean it. It was just a little roadside humour!!!
by mrmag7 December 18, 2010
A well known superbowl party had each year in the northwest ga./southeast tn. Area. Known and seperated from other regular superbowl gatherings by silly by some. Considered immature activities such as trophies....and awards etc. Even though the primary attenders are middle aged individuals..
I wonder what kind of silliness will occur at this years Rons Rumble?
by mrmag7 December 21, 2010
When an individual asks a question....and then repeats the given answer to said question in a question form.
Person1: hey man, what you doing?
Person 2: aww just watching a little tv
Person 1:"watching a little tv huh"?
Person 2: why did you just syncho pate?
by mrmag7 December 21, 2010