"not following any of these lame ass rules. Look out bitches"
by lina khlewi May 25, 2012
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When a woman is someone else's property but two guys tag team her.
(Tres) passing: 2 Men, One Women
"Yo dog, wanna go trespassing with me, her husband's out of town."
by Ouch03 October 1, 2019
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Someone who enters an owner's land or property without permission
I called the police and told them their was a trespasser on my property
by Master of the urban January 2, 2016
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When you think someone who's staying over at your house intends to sleep in your bed with you, but at the last minute friend-zones you and opts for an air-bed. Usually one from the outdoor shop Trespass.
Did you get lucky last night? No she did a total trespass on me!
by Whitterings July 26, 2019
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To be removed from a building you don't belong in, or in which you are no longer allowed in. Either by force, or by asking politely.

This differs from other forms of trespassing, because it implies that you were not arrested. Just asked to leave.
After Chris got mad because Joseph A. Bank wouldn't let him open a bank account, he was trespassed out of the store.
by Blackshoe February 9, 2016
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The act of disregarding, invading or ignoring someone else's psychological, emotional boundaries; boundary invasion.
Judging or criticizing another person's thoughts, feelings or values:
"You don't really feel that way, you just think you do."
by Jane Adams May 8, 2005
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