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a name for a crazy girl (or boy- SPYKIDS anyone?) that is very outgoing.
whoa- that girl at the party dazzled everyone: she's such a JUNIE.
by Mackenzie Livston January 21, 2009
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Junie is a very caring and loving girl she is really gorgeous and is different from other people she loves to share and doesn’t care about people opinions she is very hard to forget and very easy to forgive cool personality and enjoys life
Omg this girl is so gourgeas she looks like Junie
by Jackson Robert May 31, 2018
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June is gay pride month. Preppy semi flamboyant gay men who wear white, pink or orange polo shirts. Guys who act gay are called Junies.
I seen a group of Junies at the pride parade.

I see this hot Junie at Abercrombie & Fitch store.

Was that Junie was checkin me out ?
by Optimal Optimus Primus June 17, 2009
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1. (–noun)
Name used to describe dirty drug addicts.

2. (-adj)
Word to call someone in a derogatory insulting way

Exclamation of disgust, usually spoken loudly and slowly
1. She got crazy gettin off her face she's a 'JUNIE

2. Get F*cked you F*cking 'JUNIE

3. F*ck-in "JUN-IE
by Tom Dillinger September 16, 2007
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