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The nicest and the funniest person you will ever meet!
Tall, blond and sweet.
OMG, she`s such a Juni!
by majun<3 May 08, 2016
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Juni is a popular lesbian ship between the two characters Jam and Juni. They are often described as being the cutest and amazing ship ever. The reason why they are shipped together is because they are pretty much a match made in Heaven. They love each other dearly and hope to see each other one day in person. A big supporter of this ship is a woman that goes by the name "Mother Jin". They are from the story "A Juni Dance" written by Jamshook-Maknae on Wattpad.
Juni is the definition of relationship goals for sure
Juni is the best ship of the year
There goes Mother Jin talking about Juni and how great they are together
by IWouldSuckTaehyung'sDickNP February 18, 2018
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A high grade of marijuana that gets you to the point of being "juned"(stoned)
Person 1: I got some freakin nuts junis this weekend and i was more gassed than the jews
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by GPYBOI May 24, 2018
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