"Tom Cruise really 'jumped the couch' on the Oprah show yesterday. Someone confiscate his crack-pipe!"
by Vanessa Anne August 18, 2005
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The defining moment when you know someone has finally lost his or her marbles. Inspired by Tom Cruise's behavior on Oprah when he jumped up and down maniacally on her couch, while professing his undying love for actress Katie Holmes. Reportedly much easier to accomplish than going off a "deep end".
There's no doubt about it, she's finally 'jumping the couch' with that one.
by Jim Scott December 03, 2005
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To jump on a couch means to openly express your love or infatuation with someone. Couch jumpers are usually rich actors who appear on a nationally televised show to show off their new girlfriend.
Tommy was so enthralled by his new found love Kathy that he started jumping on couches.
by Tricia July 04, 2005
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to exhibit strange or frenetic behaviour
During his interview on the Oprah show Tom Cruise began to jump the couch and went crazy...
by pseudonymwriter January 01, 2006
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<While in prison>
Convict A: Oooh, see him 'n his tight little ass?
Convict B: Yeah, player. Dats so hawt.
Convict A: He best watch himself and that cute little behind. Or I'ma jump his couch.

<Two people talking>

Tom: Man, Vanessa is goin' to come over tonight.
Tim: Yeah? You finally gonna hit that?
Tom: Yeah, she and I were talking. She said I could jump the couch with her.
by MonkeyStomp January 02, 2006
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refering to Tom Cruise's display of affection for Katie holmes. Meaning, did something stupid or idiotic
My friend benny just jumped the couch and had sex with my sister!
by Von Beckie August 11, 2005
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