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Any altercation. Often a stick up. Sometimes a larger scale fight with groups participating on each side.
Dude was coming out the pizza shop and got caught up in the juks. Old boy lost two teeth.
by Philip Stephenson December 26, 2005
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Also known as to stab, or cause a laseration with any type of shapened object.
This word is mainly used in this way in the country of Belize.
"If he doesn't stop playing with me im gonna juk him with my knife."
"He threttened someone in your family? If I was you I would go juk him with that knife."
by KG- Man November 03, 2009
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Vaginal juices, particularly those expelled in a 'squirt' at the height of orgasm.
Person A: "Then she jukked right in my eye!"
Person B: "...Fierce"
by Eustace Hardcastle January 09, 2010
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From a Finnish fratboy slang, to have sex with.
Man, I picked up that sleazy soristitute last night and jukked her brains out.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
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