Fatties. They're usually named Bertha McTubbs. Usually very stupid and bad at hand-to-hand combat.
Person A: Does she really weigh 640 pounds?
Person B: Yeah.
Person A: Wow, must be a Juggalette?
by Shudder November 18, 2005
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A stupid fucking whore who paints her face to look like a clown and has very low self confidence and hangs out with fucking loosers who are known as "juggalos." These juggalos and juggalettes are loosers who are commonly alcoholics and frequently use recreational drugs. When they actually get a job, they have jobs (sometimes) that pay the minimum wage, and are counterproductive to society. They spend what money they earn to buy alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and they also use it to gamble, as they are commonly also addicted to gambling. They listen to shitty music produced under the "psychopathic records" label, and think it is cool.
poor hygeine is another common trait of these scum bags.
"what in the fuck was that whorish looking chick with the clown makeup?"
"fucking loosers call themselves juggalettes."
"thats the lamest fucking thing i have ever heard of."
by Mike McLovin March 18, 2008
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A Group OF Freak Girls That Listen TO ICP as apposed to the male followers Juggalos. Usally Wear makeup To Imitate a Clow, and tend to smoke alot of Pot. Hated Enemy Of the Staight-edgers. Who dont somke pot. These Gilrs Also tend to be Whores Alot Of the time.
Dude The girl is such a juggalette lets jump her.
Im gonna Fuckthat juggalette from the show last night for a dime bag.
by Justin B. P. November 2, 2006
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stupid fat bitches who talk black and worry about when their next crack babay comes out while at the food stamp place:) and still attending high school while their 20 years old and hang out with a selective few of reject kids in the lunch room that all wear retardedly baggy pants and have little hatchet fagots on their shirts. and they think their a family because no one else wants to accept their ugly asses:)
juggauglyassbitch(juggalette):"ey i cant go to dat kickback tonight ima get fired from pizza hut if i dont work today"

juggafaggot:"its coo ill pick ya up on mah bike when ya get out"
by powerviolenceattack August 6, 2009
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A "female" so to speak. Usually ugly, fat, and hasn't washed themselves in ages. Hangs out with other ugly, fat bitches to give themselves some sense of belonging. Follows the group Insane Clown Posse.
"Yo! I'ze don't kare you beez talking about me and shit. Juggaloze bees together and weeze don't care what we look like. Ize a juggalette"
by fucking hoff style September 20, 2007
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A girl who has no friends.. no sense of real style.. and who would probably fuck a toothless crackhead for any affection what-so-ever. Listens to ICP and other piece of shit bands from Psychopathic records.

Often defines themselves as "protective of our juggalo family, will fuck up anyone who says shit to me.. etc etc." What that really means is "I paint my face like a moron to look badass, but I look like a fucking retard and I probably couldn't throw a real punch to save my life."

Will most likely end up getting killed for mouthing off too much.
"Hi, I am a juggalette. I just fucked Hobo Harry because he said he loves me. Don't look at me, I'll fuck you up.. for serious yo."
by cptpopetastic January 21, 2006
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