To be huge or bigger than anything in this world. Enormous beyond all extent.
1) She got hit by a Fat-Ass truck!
2) That byotch left a Fat-Ass mark on his face.
by LEE The Dope Form November 18, 2008
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A person who is extremely obese by stuffing his/her face way too often.
1. "That guy is such a fat ass"
2. "Who is that fat ass?"
3."Who was the fat ass who wrote this shitty ass definition?"
by Weegeeman September 21, 2016
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As in a Fat Person and/or an extremely large buttocks. Can also be used in an insult, calling someone "fat" may not always work, so adding "Fatass" My help to boost your insult to astronomical heights
"Taylor has a Fat Ass"
"Taylor is a Fat Ass"
by Shane December 14, 2003
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a person that sits on the couch all day and watches shows like Ricki, Maury, and Jerry, and eats bon bons
you're a fat ass
by fatty January 14, 2003
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