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Just to be sure
- Why did you ask what I think about the president?
Jtbs we're on the same page.
by Ldc4 June 13, 2015
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Acronym for "just too bad". Originally derived from usage in the army, out of just one of those occasions when all around you, things go wrong.
1: I banked into the Principalz sedan.
2: JTB dude...
by Capt Rajat Mishra November 13, 2006
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a really skuxx person, big muscles, gets all the girls and drives a silver subaru like hes in 2fast2furious
really popular jtb

your like jtb
by hustlaNz June 22, 2009
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buy the domain for your foodie site
JTB is a 16 year-old lyricist that is often slept on but will be a legend. (soon to be overrated by the end of his 2019 come up)

Additional Information:
His Instagram is ( Jtb_evolution.frs)
He Is 16
He Doesn't Curse In His Music
Person#1- You ever heard of JTB?
Person#2- That 16 year old NC Rapper? Hecks Yea!
Person#3- He's Fire!!!
by Reviewer247 June 20, 2019
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