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a "gangsta" who trys to be cute but also maintain his "tough cunt" act. the result is a man whore with no individuality.
some one who low rides his skinny jeans, wears hi top pumas and "cranks the tunes" through his phone at the back of the bus. -skuxx
by the Gabe who stole christmas August 21, 2010
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A skuxx is can be defined as:

a) a flirt.
b) a slut.
c) someone hitting on anyone purely in the hopes of a quick hookup.
"I saw you talking to that girl, you're such a skuxx."

"Who were you skuxxing on last night?"
by bela_bat April 27, 2008
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A little bitch who spikes his hair up at the back wears there pants to low and has a gay ass walk and they walk around malls acting tough shit until they get smacked then they cry like little bitches. and there normal either small in height or penis size.

normal hang out with mainly girls but always have alot of guys nearby too just in case someone actually tough calls them on there bullshit and they're too pussy to fight one on one.
person 1; hey that guy over there is skuxx as.
person 2: should we go drop him.
person 1; yeah bro but he's got 100 people with him.
person 2; they're all skuxx kids.... we can take them all.
person 1; fucking oath biiiiiiiittttttccccchhhhheeeess.
by fight till death. November 16, 2012
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a guy who spikes their hair up at the back and usually has a side fringe across his face. wears skinny jeans, leather jackets, hightop shoes etc etc. a 'cool' person who cares about their looks alot, 'skuxx' girls usually wear vans/converse/hightops and skinnys, leather jackets, with a side fringe right across their face.
woah look at daniel!
omg skuxx deluxe!
by skuxx monkey July 08, 2012
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boy who can get with girls vice versa, a guy with swag, hot, not bfn
Oi look at Jono with Emma.

What!? where?!

Over there points

oooooh what a skuxx

I know aye, sorry then
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012
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awsome kool commonly used to describe a pimp or a real cool guy.
cindy:hay brittany see that boy over there his names brodie he's a real SKUXX

brittany:yeah he's hot he's a real kool guy
by qwertyccc March 27, 2011
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