"Just so you know." Excellent for text messaging, MySpace and most importantly, daily dialogue.
Kate: Jsyk, you've gotten fatter over these holidays.
Steph: I eat my feelings okay.
by jsyk, it's Ursula January 7, 2008
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Internet lazy phrase: "Just so you know..." Simply invented to save keystrokes.
jsyk, i rarely stay up past midnight.
by Brian February 20, 2005
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btw, that dick picture i sent you is a bit old, i have pubes again jsyk
by lobodomy420 January 22, 2014
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acronim for Just So You Know. can be used in a smug, sinsere, sarcastic, or normal sense.
( katie ¢¾¢¾ ) says: oh jsyk i quit Facebook.

- Zac - says: oh man i just added u as my friend. :(
by Campbell Vreeland July 7, 2008
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The "new" FYI. FYI is old school. JSYK (Just So You Know) is a more casual, friendly means of giving your friends and colleagues semi-useful information.
JSYK, it wasn't Roy, it was Isaac.


JSYK, I checked on that thing about Phil Collins and the drowning, and it's totally an Urban Legend.
by IsaacN January 6, 2006
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