The definition to "Shree" would be, in a short summary, a suspected schitzophrenic, with many "alter egos".

If approached, do not try and hide any kind of facts, most specifically sexuality, as "Shree" will use his sick sick mind games to get his pleasure by humiliating you and sharing it with others.

Jason: "Hi who is this"
'Alter ego of Shree': Hi, I'm .. So i hear you are gay? Sorry, i mean "bi""
"Jason: What? No I'm straight"
'Alter ego': "Riiiight."
by Kim, August 12, 2006
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a girl with one cheekbone extremely higher than the other.
She is beautiful...
in her own way.
"Shree, get chyo a$$ ovah hurrrr!"
by ooh dass niise/ February 07, 2008
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Someone with very lesbian thoughts. a person that takes out their sexual frustration by watching porn or engaging in sex.
she is having very shree like thoughts
by 1125! May 17, 2012
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