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jpegged (jpegging present tense) is a single word adjective which can be used to describe when an (non-vector) image becomes fuzzy, either from saving the image as a low quality .jpeg file or from repeatedly saving a .jpeg file.

Users of Adobe Photoshop would rather save a .jpeg file straight from the .psd file rather than edit the .jpeg file and save over and over again losing the 'quality' of the image resulting in fuzziness.
Webdesigner: "Don't save the .jpeg file I uploaded on the internet, it's of a lower quality. Instead let me know if you want me to send it to you in an email, to avoid jpegging the image."

Girl: "Oh no I've lost the photoshop file and all I have is this .jpeg image, now the image is going to be all jpegged each time I save it."
by tummylicious April 10, 2009
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