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Bangladesh is a beautiful small country located in South-East Asia in the Indian-subcontinent. Formerly known as East Pakistan, it became independent in 16 December 1971 after 9 months of bloody war and brutal killings of 3 million people, mostly students and intellectuals.

Bangladesh is renowned for its Cox's Bazaar beach which is the longest in the world, its beautiful and world's largest mangrove forest 'Sunderban' which is also home to the largest number of tigers in the world known as the 'Royal Bengal Tiger'.

Despite being a poor country and devastated by natural disasters and periodic floods every year, Bangladesh is growing strong, gradually developing and a peace-loving country by being the biggest contributor of UN peacekeepers.
East or West, Bangladesh is the best.
by Dew May 07, 2005

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JPEG is a standardized image compression mechanism. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, the original name of the committee that wrote the standard.
Look at the JPEG file, it is a picture of a beautiful sunset.
by Dew March 23, 2005

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an idyllically happy couple
Two of my cats. Pinknose is shorthair black and white, Silky is fluffy gray and white.
by DEW April 28, 2003

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A cool guy who thinks Chris Wood is a Pedo!
by DEW October 21, 2003

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