It's a last name.
His last name is Hwang.
by Dr. Name January 14, 2012
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An epic fail due to your own overconfidence in your ability to continue to same behaviour in the face of insane and growing risk. Bonus points if the rug is pulled out from under you by counterparties like your bankers.

Similar to schlonged and named for the legendary Bill Hwang, former Tiger Cub and current unofficial holder of the record for the biggest personal blow up in financial history.
'Hey man did you here what happened to Dave? His broker changed the margin requirements and ended up liquidating his entire family office.'

'Holy s$#t he get hwanged!'
by BIgDad42069 March 30, 2021
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It's that sick ass dude from Soul Calibur! Actually, he was first in Soul Blade, and he had a badass set of nunchucks, but they replaced him in Calibur with that fag Maxi, and made him a secret character with a scimitar instead.
Hwang can make Mitsurugi his bitch ANY day.
by That New Jada August 20, 2004
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last name
if your last name is hwang ur probably asian
hello my last name is hwang
by Ollieisdummythicc November 9, 2020
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a relation to wang which is a male's sexual organ, or hwang is also a person that is or looks chinese, or hwang just mean a Dan Long
Man, that kid is a real hwang.
by Dom Talerico March 12, 2008
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A girl who is sweet, kind, adorable, cute, pretty, caring, lovely, cool, funny, etc.

She also loves jelly.
Look at Hwang Yeji!
I know right!!! she's AMAZING!!! i love her
by jisulvr December 27, 2021
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Hwang Hyunjin aka the definition of perfection,Talent,beauty,Kind,hardworking,sweet,adorable,angel(sometimes can be a devil tho).
Me: Hwang Hyunjin is literally so perfect and hard-working people should respect and bias him dor his hard work and not only because of his visuals
Someone: IKR!!!!Hwang Hyunjin is so talented I wish he saw himself the way we see :(
by lcvinpanda November 22, 2018
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