yo, am bona fide when it comes to hustlin son!
by Shar August 29, 2004
1. adj. genuine.

2. adj. (slang) complete.
1. He's a bona fide French chef.

2. You're a bona fide idiot.
by kadatz May 19, 2010
Jamaican dialect

Refers to something or someone who is genuine or sincere.


From the Latin bonā fidē, the ablative case of bona fidēs.
She a my bona fide.

That's my bona fide friend right there.
by Tropical Rythms December 9, 2021
Awesome, Legit, Thorough LOVING!
Making love!!!!!!
love shack baby love shack!
She gave me some Bona Fide Lovin' last night.
by Brittany Dallas March 25, 2010