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A greaser from the book/movie called the outsiders.He dies after getting severe burns by saving kids from a burning church.Johnny was beaten at home and ignored.If you can imagine a dark puppy that's been kicked around too many times,you'll have Johnny Cade.
Pg.14 of the book describing Johnny Cade.

Or..Quit being such a Johnny Cade/Johnnycake
by KylieWinston January 08, 2014
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Johnny Cade is a character from S.E Hinton's book, "the outsiders". And the 1983 movie, "The outsiders". Who is a part of the greacers. If you can imagine a dark puppy who was been kicked too many times, you have Johnny. He was everyone's kid brother and had never gotten love from anyone else except the gang. You will probaly find yourself falling in love with Johnny because how could you not.
Johnny Cade deserved better
by Outsiders fan February 12, 2019
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the best greaser from s.e. hintons’ “the outsiders” he’s sixteen years old and abused/neglected by his parents, and targeted by the rich kids (socs). because of this, he’s extremely reserved and jumpy. johnny cade is a sweetheart who deserved better, but died in a church fire instead. also, you’ll probably fall in love with him because hes adorable, but hot as fuck. seriously, johnny cade is the best greaser out there.
person 1 - oh gosh man, i can’t talk to her, i’m too nervous

person 2 - just say hi or something!
person 1 - what if i fuck up?
person 2 - quit being a johnny cade and get your ass out there!
person 1 - ..well..okay
by dumbbitchjuice April 22, 2019
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Johnny Cade was a character from the book 'The Outsiders' written by S. E. Hinton. Johnny is married to a fourteen-year-old girl, and since he's sixteen, it's legal. His wife, Frances ™️, is still upset by the death of her burnt hubbie. Frances ™️ and Johnny were held together by their love of chicken nuggets.

(Please publish it, I'll be sad if you don't. I want to surprise my friend as she's been upset lately, you can delete it after 24 hours.)
Johnny Cade is ™️
by spagonispagonispagonispagonisp January 15, 2019
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