"Socials" as meant in "The Outsiders". Socials, are as stated in the book and movie, "White trash with Mustangs and Madras shirts" or in our case, the rich kids. The opposition of the socs are the greasers.
by Mister Snuggles April 24, 2006
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1. Rich people who have it all.
2. Snobs.
3. Rich, snobby people who look down on others and talk trash.
4. Snobs with nice clothes, lots of money, and nice cars who often look down on people with less money than them.
Those socs tried to jump me!
by i love my sexy November 24, 2006
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Do we have a lot of socs homework?
by holyroman April 18, 2005
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opposite of greaser, someone who wears abercrombie & fitch, a jock, a prep, someone who picks on kids who don't wash their hair/clothes/bodies
God, Josh Delander is such a soc.
by ENTERTAINUS March 17, 2004
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/soc/ is where all the "rate me," meetup, report in, cam, etc. threads are.

Swibbles: How do you guys think i look?
Kitaru: omg soo qt <33
by Swibbles January 11, 2011
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SoC is the initials for System on a Chip.
In a few years, nVIDIA will start developing it's own SoC.
by t0mush March 13, 2009
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