'Johnathon' is completely individual, just like the spelling of his name. He's just too awesome for the conventional spelling, in the same way that he's too awesome to fit the conventional idea of normal in his personality and style. He's tall and handsome and a total tank, wears op shop style clothes and makes them look amazing. He plays basketball and listens to bands most people have never heard of. He's confident, energetic, hilarious and heaps of fun, and has possibly the strangest laugh ever. He's the most loving guy ever, and cares so deeply about everyone. He has a way of seeing people that's different to the way others do- he sees past the front to the brokenness underneath, then somehow manages to see beyond that to beauty; beauty the person can't see themself. He makes people feel special and builds them up with encouragement. He's impossible to forget.
'Do you think Johnathon knows how amazing he is?'
by just_me:) December 15, 2012
Correct spelling .. biblical. Typically smart independent person. Perfect baby name
Johnathon is a amazing person, and he is beautiful.
by Jgl1993 December 29, 2017
A Sexy Piece of meat that will give consent for sex always, if you want sex you should ask Johnathon because he will always say yes.
"I need sex"
"You need to ask a Johnathon"
by DontUseUrRealNameLol September 16, 2019
A spelling of Jonathan that only a cruel parent would give to their child as the messed up spelling of the name results in nobody ever spelling the name correctly, even when it's written out in front of them.
His parents hated him so they named him jonathan, but spelled it johnathon.
by Johnathon S. October 17, 2008
Johnathon is an absolute amazing person. Hands down the funniest person to meet. He has an amazing smile, that could light up any room. His personality is so amazing, he puts others before himself, and he's so outgoing. He has such a kind heart. He is extremely handsome, and he has great hair. He is always there when you need him, and he always sticks by your side no matter whats going on. His eyes are beautiful, and he is so caring. He's the greatest boyfriend.
I love Johnathon.
by kykycakes December 21, 2019
A nigga that takes dic picks and beats his meat to gay porn
Johnathon beated his meat in someone else’s bathroom
by BootyWarrior849295 October 31, 2019
The guy with the biggest dick and all the bitches
Johnathon is the best
Did you see Johnathon he is so hot
by 456.11.37.24 April 26, 2022