When you shit and turds come flying out of your ass faster than a Nolan Ryan fast ball it hits the back of the john(ha-ha) and explodes into pieces flipping pieces of johnny turd back on your own ass
Don't hold it too long Mikey, you might end up pulling a johnny.
by Youeatpoop January 06, 2017
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A boy that is abused and starved by his delusional father. was beaten after he was caught eating sugar.
Father: Johnny Johnny!
Johnny: Yes Papa?
Father: Eating Sugar?
by goofy_goober_v1 September 16, 2018
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Johnny Johnny originated as a children’s YouTube video which showed a kid attempting to eat sugar. The kid is spotted by his father and is asked whether he is eating sugar. Johnny says no and the occursncd is turned into a catchy nursery rhyme. This weird video eventually began to be seen by an un-intended audience (teenagers instead of toddlers). It is now an oddly funny meme that everyone is upsessed with.
Johnny Johnny

Yes papa
Eating sugar?
No papa
Telling lies?
No papa
Open your mouth
Ha ha ha
by Narwhals4trump September 05, 2018
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from a trending youtube video johnny johnny is meaning DON'T EAT SUGAR UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION
"WILL" yelled his mother "WHAT" yelled will as mom walks in the kitchen and yells "JOHNNY JOHNNY" becuae will was eating sugar WITHOUT permission
by mommy_daddy October 30, 2018
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Most Seductive person then anyone. If yoy stare in his eyes for few seconds. Your eyes will melt due to his ultimate beauty.
Johnny is 24/7 enjoying his best life and no issues in life that comes by
by TopSuperior21 February 18, 2021
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