the best greaser from s.e. hintons’ “the outsiders” he’s sixteen years old and abused/neglected by his parents, and targeted by the rich kids (socs). because of this, he’s extremely reserved and jumpy. johnny cade is a sweetheart who deserved better, but died in a church fire instead. also, you’ll probably fall in love with him because hes adorable, but hot as fuck. seriously, johnny cade is the best greaser out there.
person 1 - oh gosh man, i can’t talk to her, i’m too nervous

person 2 - just say hi or something!
person 1 - what if i fuck up?
person 2 - quit being a johnny cade and get your ass out there!
person 1 - ..well..okay
by dumbbitchjuice April 22, 2019
A greaser from the book/movie called the outsiders.He dies after getting severe burns by saving kids from a burning church.Johnny was beaten at home and ignored.If you can imagine a dark puppy that's been kicked around too many times,you'll have Johnny Cade.
Pg.14 of the book describing Johnny Cade.

Or..Quit being such a Johnny Cade/Johnnycake
by KylieWinston January 9, 2014
The hottest character in S. E. Hinton's book The Outsiders. He is adorable, kind, sweet, and deserves a much better life.
Person 1: Wow Johnny Cade is so hot!

Person 2: I know right???
by booklvr20 May 31, 2021
Johnathon Andrew Cade is one of the nicest Greasers in the book Outsiders. He’s such a sweetheart and I bet you’ll fall in love with him in grade 7. He is so cute and kind. He totally deserved better :(
Person 1: he is soo sweet
Person 2: yea he’s Johnny cade
by RpOrUeGtItRy March 13, 2021
Johnny Cade was a character from the book 'The Outsiders' written by S. E. Hinton. Johnny is married to a fourteen-year-old girl, and since he's sixteen, it's legal. His wife, Frances ™️, is still upset by the death of her burnt hubbie. Frances ™️ and Johnny were held together by their love of chicken nuggets.

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Johnny Cade is ™️
by spagonispagonispagonispagonisp January 15, 2019