The verb that describes the act of paying for sexual services
Yo, hows the johning scene in Cuba?
by Cecestud June 19, 2008
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It's that fuckin good good.
"Dude that was some John-John weed."
by Buns420 October 8, 2017
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"No johns" means that you can't make excuses. It is the perfect counter argument to anyone who is making any type of excuse whatever. When someone makes excuses or tries to make excuses, they are "johning". If this occurs, tell them "NO JOHHNZZ".
Me: "Dude, I just 4 stocked your Marth with my Pikachu.

n00b: "Yeah, but Marth isn't my main character."

Me (as well as crowd): "NO JOHHNZZ SON"
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it's monday where's my lasagna
john where is my lasagna
by A goddamn idiot December 27, 2019
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The John is another informal name for 'the toilet'.
Sarah ran straight to the John after their long trip.
by Rbs January 27, 2005
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John is a contradiction to what he describes himself, mostly level headed but unpredictable during different situations

Usually at least 180cm or 6ft tall, dark hair color , bright eyes and generally a bigger man in several ways.

John can be a compassionate towards others, and always try to help the best he could. He stands firm in what he believes in but open minded to other opinions, and secretly observant. held his family in high regards and hopes to have his own in the future.

John is efficient, only does what he needs to do, and what he wants to do, but willing to get out of their way to help others and covers his discomfort with sarcasm as to not offend or hurt others.

John is never honest about himself, he hates it but it helps him along his days. He doesn't like to show raw emotions, only opens up to very certain people that he absolutely trust. He has his grudges, but doesn't let it control his actions, even if it hurts himself because he value the happiness of others rather than himself.

John is a lonely and a hopeless romantic but never show it, he wishes that he was with someone special, and has hurt himself in his attempts to do so, and is now scarred from it, and gave his world a bleak view but he still hope to find that someone he can care, protect, hug, kiss, make love, and make happy in his life.
Person 1: John you're such an awesome person!
John: Ehh i don't think so, but thanks i guess...
Person 2: Aw come on stop selling yourself short dude!
by M1_L0N3LY November 1, 2020
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