When you back hand the shit outta your woman. This term originates from John Legend's ordinary people music video where he slapped the taste outta his woman.
"Ill John Legend the shit outta you if u keep talkin"
by Hyghtz March 6, 2005
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he is a new singing artist who is goint to rock thi word with his soulful music!
by nomsa October 21, 2004
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one of the sexiest guys alive~good singer~nice vocals~my bf looks like him~big ups to john legend
did u see that guy right there? he got a john legend face
by thickykay February 16, 2005
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Another, more humourous way, of saying legend
'Hey bro, you got any spare tickets to the game?'
'Already got you one'
'John Legend!'
by Funkmaster 77 October 6, 2011
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Talented soul singer of songs like Ordinary People, Used to love U.
"though its not a fantasy i still want u to stayyyyy"
by G-Unit SOULdier February 15, 2005
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A soulful, talented brotha representin Chi-town music produced by Kanye West
by Giddy April 25, 2005
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