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Acronym for "Just Lo Fi" of a band/team of loosely affilated writers whose works can be found at Used to refer in passing or as a verb to refer to the website.
"JLF yourself!" or "Did you see the JLF show?"
by matthew September 27, 2004
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Jesus Loving Freak. Refers to those sad souls who stand in the streets and preach to the masses to be saved and that you will burn in hell if you don't join up with their cult. Also can be used to describe the spread of evil of all evils - televangelists.
I can't believe she had a go about me about having had a one night stand, she is such a JLF.
by Meera Swami January 24, 2007
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Joint Liberation Front - The tactful acquisition of another person's joint.
Approach joint smoker stealthily. Take aforementioned joint from them and scream "JLF!" whilst running away and muttering "I go stelf agum".
by Spongebob Spliffpants August 23, 2003
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