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A combination of being "jazzed" and "ginned up" about something.

To be in a state of excitement as a result of an event or occurrence. To be "up in arms" about something.
Bob: The last thing we need is for people to get all jizzed up about our company's third quarter loss, it was the result of unusual circumstances.

Phil: I think you meant to say ginned up...but your point is well taken.
by RedBeard53 April 21, 2010
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Term for really excited in Papa Leone's speak. To become stimulated, impationed, exhilerated, or exuberant
I was really jizzed up to see that hot asian girl's titty!
Person 1: dude did you see that titty?
Person 2: Yeah, i was all jizzed up! i love seeing titties!
by Doseph April 01, 2011
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1. Another way to say f-ed up.
2. Messed up; disabled; particularly old people suffering from the mental affects of old age.
Those Twilight books are so jizzed up I want to kill myself!

Grandpappy Johnny's so jizzed up, he told me today that I look like God!!
by igotthedefs February 13, 2009
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