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The rhythmic body language of the ebonically inclined. Jive-assing often consists of walking like a chicken or dancing about aimlessly. Jive-ass can also be used to describe any mannerisms or behavior indicative of ebonics culture.
1.) In the '80s, it was fashionable to hold a boom-box on one's shoulder and jive-ass down the street.

2.) Take your jive-ass bullshit somewhere else. None of my change is "spare".

3.) In his own jive-ass way, he explained his belief in the "Grand Pimp Jesus".
by Doug Mesner July 08, 2004
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1. Is someone who thinks they're acting cool but is acting like a fool. See every depiction of a white person copying African American style or music for an example.

2. Insincere. Just fronting.

3. An object that is pretentious or over the top.

4. So "hip" that it isn't cool. Mass marketed, high fashion "cool". An object that is so "cool" it makes you lose street cred.
"You're just a jive-ass white boy, no cred."

"What is up with that jive-ass shirt?"

"Look at you, with your jive-ass lava lamp in your jive ass pad."
by Spook Who Sat By The Door March 31, 2010
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To dance around like a god-damned idiot, especially when it is not necessary. Often done by football players after a touchdown; displaying a huge-lack of class.
Why do the Miami Hurricanes find it necessary to Jive-Ass after every touchdown?
by Howie Feltersnatch January 01, 2004
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1. A complete dumbass that is dumber than a brick shithouse

2. A highly exaggerated story.
1. Dave was acting like a jive ass when he decided to rob a bank.
2. That is such a jive ass story.
by Blank Screen December 31, 2011
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I think it means someone who habitually lies and attempts to manipulate others in an insincere or self-delusional manner.
Why is that jiveass airhead Bush commanding the finest military in the world?
by Don Murray April 08, 2006
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