when you moon creator blast off My wife 's mouth and then you wait...

for her to moon creator blast off your poopoo back into your mouth, and then you moon creator blast off onto a random newborn baby, the baby dies from the sheer force of the blast, then you consume the baby, then you get pregnant, but you give yourself a Coat Hanger Abortion because shit man you're browsing urban dictionary for fun I'm pretty sure you don't have a stable enough job to pay for child support you. then you cook those greasy leftovers up for diner, then then you sprinkle a little bit of spice(chili powder and anthrax) on it and the feed it to the prostitute that's passed out on the street corner.
And then you get aids the end
James: hey tom, have you ever tried getting aids before?
tom: no I have not
James: well you should.
tom: alright well I'll go do that. (jumps out window, presumably to get aids)
by FlameSage09 February 01, 2019
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1.An insult implying that you hate/dislike the person so much, you hope that they die\

2.Also a way of getting rid of someone who won't leave you alone
1."You're such a loser"
"Get AIDS"

2." So where are we going now man?"
"Seriously Get AIDS!"
by MammothMan34 September 26, 2006
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A wish you give to someone who you like. It's useful to have some aid sometimes, so you give someone hope he's getting aids, at least two of them.
-dude, you're so helpful, but you have no aid yourself. I wish you had aids. Get aids, really.
-thanks, bro.
by Normanfag January 04, 2012
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An expression used to tell someone to be careful.
Also can be in the form of 'Don't CATCH AIDS.
Guy at party: Gonna be diggin that girl out soon.

His Friend: Cool, use rubber and don't get AIDS.

Ty: Going rock climbing on Saturday

His mom: K son, just don't get AIDs. *mwah* Love you.

Ty: WTF!!!?

WWII Marine Captain: Now remember men, we're completely surrounded by the enemy. Use you head or the snipers will make your you lose it. Just don't catch AIDs and we'll be home to see our families by Christmas. Clear?

His Men: 0_o

WWII Marine Captain: I said. AM I CLEAR MEN!!!!???

His Men: er....SIR YES sir!!!!?
by Ice? si March 27, 2009
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The best response to any asshole or anyone who irritates you.
Guy in traffic, after getting cut off:


Girl on cell phone with hair extensions and wearing Juicy Couture


Guy in line at grocery store behind pregnant woman with 7 kids paying with food stamps

by EmoPileDriver April 13, 2011
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A cause under the thuggizzle Cares umbrella founded by hip hop artist and community philanthropist thuggizzle.
You can go get checked through the Get Tested HIV/AIDS Awareness program
by Tvgee April 05, 2019
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