The name for a person so foul or stupid that they could only have been conceived out of wedlock through anal sex.
George W. Bush is a real ass bastard.
by Tim Mad Dammit December 2, 2005
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Someone who is so wrong and impossible he or she could have only been spawned from the rear end of some single possibly male homosexual person.
The ass bastard slept with his ex wife's new step daughter!
by Dody Bush December 17, 2006
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A person who has been conceived and born in an unwed gay man's anus.
I hate that guy, he's a complete ass-bastard.

So your dads aren't married? That'd make you an ass-bastard, huh?
by Safe Seraphim July 11, 2008
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A stupid person, possibly fatherless, who thinks they have style but in reality are lame.
Paul: Hey man you see that guy walking over there wearing that lame hat?

Charles: Yeah, what a jive ass bastard.
by Prakka Lars March 25, 2009
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A Sarcastic pain in the ass who gives everyone a hard time. Also, has the ability to turn any phrase heard into a sexual comment. Name given to me, Thanks Jill!
That Prick Ass Bastard turns everything I say into something sexual. What a pain in the ass.
by pstage August 1, 2007
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a person who doesnt want to do anything besides sit around and play with themselves
pajak you lame ass bastard lets go play some fukin poker
by jimmy the pric May 19, 2005
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