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adjective describing the state of a person who has reached such a level of intoxication that the lines between acceptable and unacceptable topics of conversation in polite company become so blurred that in the 'jimboed' person's mind practically anything goes.
derived from the name of legendary beer-swiller and peadophile joke expert, jimbo moody.
jimboed person: i say m'lady, how should you like to accompany me to my hotel suite where we can have sex with the 2 amputee dwarfs that i have hidden in my suitcase? haha!! afterwards we can go to the toilet on eachother!!!
shocked female partygoer: i beg your pardon sir?
3rd party: don't mind him love, he's been on the sauce all day... he's totally 'jimboed'
by marty's ma December 29, 2007
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when you get a great deal or you think everything is looking up for you, then you check your mail and you get a smashed up muffler
Spence:So I ordered this cd player off ebay, and it diddnt have a face plate.

by Kaczman HOLLA March 18, 2004
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A Stupid act or a foolish mistake...
Making a stupid mistake...
Making a boo boo...
Making an error only an idiot would make...
A mistake only a fool would make...
An act only a total muppet would make...

This entry is the first step in an attempt on getting the word Jimboed into the Oxford Dictionary... Hopefully by this time next year Jimboed will be a word that is used Globally around the world...

A Jimbo --- someone who prides themselves on being a fool and strives to perfect their foolishness...

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You've just put your foot in the mop bucket!!!

You may say --- Damn i've just Jimboed!!!

Other uses of the word...

Jimbo --- a foolish person, an idiot who strives to succeed in stupidness...
by shrek1609 June 21, 2007
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