(adj) (n)
extremely talented at something after a short period of time learning it
Omg, Austin is such a jihoon at bass; he barely learned how to play it for a week!!

Wow, Veshant is becoming so jihoon at driving Mr. Rymzo crazy.
by Griffith Bakowski May 7, 2012
jihoon is when you see a talented person.

In other words: stan Jihoon
Not only him but seventeen
Person A: Damn he is talented who is he?
Person B: a Jihoon!
by iwantfriendsplease October 17, 2019
A Jihoon is a person who loves to watch hentai. So much so they will probably even watch it during class or lectures.
Damn is that guy watching hentai in class? What a Jihoon*headshake *
by indigojarl December 5, 2019
park jihoon is the best creature in this entire galaxy.
park jihoon is the one who creates "save you in my heart" / "nae maeum soge jeojang" and kkukku kkakka. he joined a survival programme called "produce 101 season 2" and he was final ranked 2nd, then became one of the members in korean boygroup "wanna one".

there are two types of park jihoon: dorm jihoon (offstage jihoon) and jeojang jihoon (onstage jihoon). park jihoon is the cutest on the stage, and also the sexiest off the stage.

everyone loves him.

synonyms: boy who steals people's heart, jihoonie, winkboy
we love park jihoon.
must protect park jihoon at all cost.
by jhfrthemoon December 27, 2017
He is a member and one of the leaders of the 4th Gen. K-pop group, TREASURE, (alongside with Choi Hyunsuk)

He left YG but audition again for YGTB and Yang Hyunsuk accepted him and place him in Team B. He showcase his many skills in YGTB such as singing, dancing, rapping and hosting.

Right now, Jihoon is currently the MC in Inkigayo with NCT's Sungchan and Former IZONE member, Yujin.

Please give a lot of love to our PaJi, Park Jihoon and to his group, TREASURE!
Omg! Here's come the funny Inkigayo MC, Park Jihoon!
by aelachwio_o October 20, 2021
Also well known as WOOZI (우지), he is the mitochondria of the boy group SEVENTEEN cuz bitch if it weren't for him seventeen won't as famous as they are today. Stop sleeping on him. Aslo he's a very cute man <3
"choi seungcheol, yoon jeonghan, hong jisoo, moon junhui, kwon soonyoung, lee jihoon, xu myunhao, kim mingyu, lee seokmin, choi hansol, lee chan!!"

-carats fanchanting for BOOMBOOM 붐붐 (2016)
by lonely whale June 16, 2018
Jihoon Lover” is a person who really loves Park Jihoon from the kpop group Treasure. They like to rant about how much they love him and how they will marry him one day !! (jokingly)
“Yeah mínty is such a jihoon luvr to be honest...all they do is spam pictures of park jihoon...”
“I know right...like get out of here. Jihoon will never notice your ass he’s too busy working out or finding a way how to scare the rest of Treasure w his muscles 💪 ”
by jihoonluvr February 17, 2021