1: Down with or Okay
2: Bad or Farked Up
3: The puzzle peice known throughout the Banjo-Kazooie series
4: Iggy, with a "J" sound at the beginning
5: short for Jigsaw
1: I'm jiggy, you jiggy?
2: I just took a hella jiggy shit

Banjo the Bear: Hey, the last Jiggy!
Iggy Koopa: |34(|< 0|=|=, 5|-|17|-|34|),1 12 31337 (Back off, Shithead, I am too elite!
4: Jiggy Koopa is wrong, for some reason
5: Pass me that jiggy peice, will ya?
by your best idiot April 06, 2010
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Ouuup Ouuup Jiggy coming, fuck the police yall cause I ain't running.
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
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a word or term used to call a an african american person. Can be demeaning
by luke johnstone October 16, 2006
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A slang term created by Will Smith (based off the racial slur jigaboo) meaning staying loose and hip.
Let's stick up the world and split it 50-50, uh huh
Let's take the dough and stay real jiggy, uh huh
Let's sip the Cris and get pissy pissy
Flow infinitely like the memory of my nigga Biggie, baby!
You know its hell when I come through
The life and times of Shawn Carter nigga Volume 2
~ Jay-Z
by Mike720 November 29, 2006
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1. What MSooRi wants to do to a certain person in his school.

2. When a guy gets his ass up to a girl causing that girl to crawl up into the corner and get trapped. After that, many spectators will watch the corner that has a mouse eating Robbie F. After that, Snoop dogg will come out of nowhere and start playing Eminem songs. Eminem will then go to Mcdonalds and order a Whopper. When he finally does get a whopper, he leaves without paying and without getting the whopper. He gets a tape measure and asks the cashier to place the whopper on the tape measure. He talks to the cashier through a cup telephone. When he finally does get a whopper, he goes to where the "jiggy" is. He watches and laughs. The girl starts crying and finds a crab. She shoves the crab down the guy's pants, causing the crab to say "NYUK NYUK NYUK NYUK NYAHH!!! IM A CRAB!! I WILL EAT YOUR UNHAPPINESS!!" Everyone will yell out that the crab is a demon fox and burn it. They will then eat it and have some nice good demon in their stomachs.

1. Matt: hey. Hey Alex. Wanna get jiggy with it?

Alex: only if I get to shove TWO crabs down your pants.

Matt: ...Fine.

by MSooRi March 06, 2009
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A South African term for weed or a joint.
Ey Andrew you want a jiggy? Josh do you have some jiggy for me ?
by c.helle December 09, 2016
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TITS, Hooters, Titties, Honkers, melons, Boobies, Knockers, Dirty Pillows, Happy sacks, Breasts
"Thats why you got titties..."
"I'ma go to my GIRLFRIEND'S house and suck her titties..."
"I've sucked a girls jiggie..."
"YEAH, I say that ALL the time"
"No you don't bert..."
by Azurebaijan February 13, 2005
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