(adj) Indicates that the following noun or verb refers to a performance or display of physical sexuality, often in a cheesy or coy manner so as to pass television or movie censorship; for instance, jiggle show, jiggle act. Exciting body parts are stirred, swayed, flapped and shaken, but not revealed.
"MTV must be desperate -- for the last half hour I've seen nothing but jiggle clips."
by anarcissie May 01, 2008
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It’s a code name for a big giggly butt and big thighs. You can tell if she/he is a jiggle if their name is Adrienne, Alexus, Meg, Paige, Marissa, Tatum, Jivan, Evan, Joey, Sam, Billy, Jake, Andrew, Jason, or Aidan.
Jenna: “Wow! Look at Evans cake! He’s got some jiggle”
Chad: “Evan? Look at Alexus
by carwash7576 January 07, 2020
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Another slang word that can be used as fight.
Person: Bro you’re so ugly

Person 2:Oh, they’re about to jiggle
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A group of 4 or more sexy women. Usually found near bars on campus.
Damn, look at that Jiggle across the street!" "Yea, lets go lay some game!"
by oldHaus January 17, 2011
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a term used to describe a place in which all da bitches is naked.
by z1mm3r June 29, 2008
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When you're dancing at a club and you shake yourself side to side but instead you end up shaking your nuts side to side and each time it slaps your leg. May be audible.
syozza every1
syozza EVERY1
syozza dance
* syozza dances
* Jammywanks dances
* Jammywanks jiggle your nuts
syozza DANCE!
* Navy_Spitfire pantces
* (V)ighty(V)ike can't dance
* (V)ighty(V)ike is scarred
syozza DANCE!
* eaglejox jumps around
* Jammywanks pulls his pants down and shits on the dance floor when the smoke effects come out

* (V)ighty(V)ike dances =(
* Jammywanks jiggles his nuts
* Jammywanks left and right
* Jammywanks side to side
* eaglejox wonders wtf jiggles is

Jammywanks jiggle is like shaking your nuts
Jammywanks only your nuts
Jammywanks you can't jiggle your ass

Navy_Spitfire who is this jammy wanks kid
blayzinyo the guy that invented jiggling
* blayzinyo jiggles
by negger December 08, 2005
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