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Some of yall was on the right track.In fact most black people would still find it offensive if used in the wrong pretence,but its generally used to define a fellow human. 2Pac did define it the best, Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished, not to be confused with NiggeR, What honkey cracker mutha fuckers used to call thier slaves. Newsflash:this is 2006- people all around the world is dying over stupid shit like word like this, who give a fuck about colour or race we as humans need to unite against the real threats like police, corporations bush and imperialism!
Black man to white man: "What up nigga?" White man to black man:"Chillin nigga, how we gonna get closer to fuckin up the MAN today?"
by <<Corps>> April 01, 2006

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A word used to describe a marijuana cigarette. Generally used by urban potheads in public to depict what is about to take place place without attracting great attention, damn it- now people know!
dude 1: YO b, i gotta chop to deal wit, build the splegz, see me in the park at 3 and we'll justify dat!!
dude 2:Seeeen!
by <<Corps>> April 02, 2006

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To open a lock without a key(requires some knoledge depending on the lock) The movement of large breasts, ass or other body part.
Yo g-keep six while i jiggle the lock!
Dude 1: Ah shit i knew it man its locked! Dude 2 : Move up let me jiggle us in!
Yo yo yo lookit lookit lookit her jiggle , dammmnnnn!
by <<Corps>> April 01, 2006

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(Mun-tree):Used as short term for Montreal. Used to describe someone from the island city's feeling or mentality.A saying used to define originallity from Montreal. Originated in NDG by a muntry Mafuka!
"Yo B, ya commin' to muntry this weeken'?"
"Damn dog, now thats a muntry ass,!"
"Cool yourself, i told you i'd have your loot next week, why ya get all muntry fo-...CLAP!"
"Keep it muntry man."
by <<Corps>> April 01, 2006

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A person that buys a product, we are all someones chop. A hustlers next meal.To sell drugs for a profit.
"Yo i gotta a chop to meet, call you back"
"I gotta chop these last dimes b4 i re-up"
"1 more chop then i'll be able to eat"
by <<Corps>> April 01, 2006

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