Is another word for pill or X.

Also means one who pops pills alot and gose 2 clubs

A term that began in Baton Rouge,La with the other variations of this term meaning different things.

Jigg, Jiggas, Jiggin!
Joe went to the club and was on those jiggas.

I dont like that girl she's a jigga.

I was jiggin on the dance floor.
by BR225 January 15, 2010
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A really cool person they can sometimes be funny or can sometimes be mean
Mason: Hey your so cool Jigga
Random Person: Ur so mean why do u have to be such a Jigga
by Doggypaddle441 August 26, 2019
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1. A tool for measuring bar counts of liquor
2. A friend you didn't expect to see
by machocheese March 06, 2016
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Something to say when a friend says a phrase that is catchy or funny. Similar to Thats whats up.
Friend: Dude did you know that UNICORNS ARE FOR GANGSTERS?

You: Hahaha Jigga.
by yo momma g August 23, 2011
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