Jigga: a girl or boy that is not fancy, has no class, has to ask there parents for permission to leave the dinner table when they are finished eating.

1) jigga girl: one who wear grandma heels with a cute outfit, one who cant dress or wears sour weaves and crunchy ass uggs

2) Jigga:Boy: one who is just out of style...enough said!
1) Look at her outfit, what is that jigga wearing.
2)How many boys does this girl talk to, to many she is a certified jigga.
by Shellie McFreez March 23, 2010
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A hacker from Postal 2 STP, Counter strike: Source, Call of duty: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and Black ops. Known to spam relentless drivel
by morgox98 November 14, 2010
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A measuring tool for shots used by Bartenders
First pour your gin into a jigga(jigger)to measure out the appropriate amount of alcohol to mix a dirty martini.
by Shocka Zoe June 23, 2005
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A person with possesion of powers like being a shooter, super human strength, being fresh, being comp and breeuwers
Did you see that fresh jigga airball 15 fullcourt shots?
Yeah I think that might be jigga he do be looking kinda fresh
by Jiggefrey December 28, 2019
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